Home Elevations

Protect against FLOOD with Home Elevation. This home, flooded 3 times in 18 months, sustains virtually no damage after elevation. Note the flood line!

Ideal for Waterfront Property

Virtually any home can be elevated, and no where is this more important than properties along bodies of water, where the threat of flood is always imminent.

Dramatic Change

Home elevations can completely makeover a residence and provide completely new features, like a first-floor garage.

A New Home

…from your existing home. Upgrade your standard of living!

Higher Property Values

Upgrade your homes with increased floor space and have a higher property value.

Expanded Office Space

Elevating your commercial property can double your space, and help with protection from flooding.

Municipal Properties

Sakoutis’ experienced design and development team can create functional and beautiful buildings for your municipality.

Public Buildings

Virtually any type of building or style can be accommodated.

Commercial Space

Distinctive design that attracts businesses and corporations from Sakoutis Builders.

Beautiful Distinctive Custom Homes

The possibilities of what Sakoutis Builders can do for you are nearly limitless.

Our Services
  • Municipal


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  • Residential


    Custom luxury homes with distinctive style. See more here >>

  • Commercial


    See our more about our commercial construction here.

  • Structure Elevations

    Structure Elevations

    Flood protection, increased space, home makeover with home elevations. More >>

Custom Homes, Commercial and Municipal Development, and Home Elevations

Welcome To Sakoutis Builders and Land Developers, New Jersey’s finest building and land development company. A family owned business, we put our reputation on the line with every project.

We specialize in building distinctive luxury homes, commercial and municipal properties. In recent months in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, our home elevations services have come in great demand, to meet new stricter building codes and to protect your investment against flooding for the indefinite future.

Whether the project is large or small, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service possible. The permanence of the structures we build demands the highest standards of designs and materials while incorporating the latest innovations. We understand the pressures of timelines and budget, and we know how to address them.

Trust our professionals to exceed your expectations, because at Sakoutis, our name is on the line.

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